Camp Firefly and GSCNC is recommending that campers carpool to and from camp to be friendly to the environment.

Formed Non-Staff Campers Carpool — This link is for entering information about carpools that have been formed by a parents.

Non-Staff Campers Interested in Forming a Carpool — This link is for entering information to form a carpool with other campers from the same neighborhood. Only information being asked:

         Neighborhood Elementary School, Parent’s Name,             Phone Number,    Email, and # of Campers

The information will only be shared  with other parents with the same Neighborhood Elementary School. Families are responsible for contacting other families and any resulting carpool. Families are also to complete the form for carpools.

Camp Firefly is only responsible for furnishing information to families of same neighborhood schools. Neither Camp Firefly or GSCNC is responsible for any  carpools formed from sharing of this information.

Aide/AITs Carpool — Aides/AITs that will be riding together but not with an Adult Staff member are requested complete the form on this link.

Staff Carpool — Staff members are requested to complete the form on this link.

Camp Firefly is a GSCNC Evening Summer Camp.

Camp firefly